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Chemical Etching, Plating & Forming


Elcon Precision LLC Corporation


  • Provider of metalizied and resistive coated ceramics, vacuum and atmosphere brazed assemblies, etching of flat as well as 3D curved surfaces and electro and electroless plating.

FotoFab Corporation

  • Photo Chemical Etching - burr and stress free parts, quick turn and economical tooling. Great for intricate designs, process does not change the hardness, strength or formability of the part and selective etching allows for varied thicknesses. Standard and exotic metals in thickness of .0005" up to .062", sheet sizes of 12" x 18". Prototype through production with design assistance available. Multiple etching lines with clean room facilities available.
    • Standard Parts - RF PCB Shields, package lids and crystal masks.
    • Custom Parts - EMI/RFI shields, screens, optical apertures and encoders, contacts, springs, lead frames, shims and washers, antennas or masks.




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