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Joy Signal Technology

  • Provide design, manufacturing and testing of high performance, electronic cable assemblies and connectors. Products include: a family of high density ZIF Connectors, Coaxial Pogo Connectors & cable assembly solutions with discrete, ribbon and bundled cable using coax, twinax or twisted pair cable.



  • Providing high density, high performance, and high-rel compliant interconnects. Using unique printed circuit board (PCB) processing techniques and photo lithography to mass produce low cost connectors. Arrays size down to .4mm pitch.


  • Vertically integrated manufacturer providing design, simulation, manufacturing, and test of electrically critical and/or high-density interconnect systems
  • Card Edge - right Angle PCIe, AGP, DIMM and others down to .025 pitch
  • Sockets - PSOP, SSOP and TSOP
  • 2mm HPM-5
  • I/O board to board hi rel connectors
  • FPD-1 Flexible Display & LVDS Cables down to .5mm pitch. Hirose, DF-19, JAE F1-X or equivalent connectors.
  • Discrete, ribbon, and bundled cable assembly using coax, twin-ax, or twisted pair cable. Skew matched, high speed, controlled impedance.
  • Medical - Ultra miniature coax termination expertise down to 50 AWG. Welded termocouples and termistor assemblies and visiion and imaging cables.






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