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Photo Chemical Etching
  • Proto to high volume production capabilities
  • Quick turn deliveries in as little as 2 days!
  • Two sided phototool registration to within .0005" tolerance.
  • 2D etching capabilities
  • Design engineering available
  • Standard and exotic metals such as titanium, moly, inconel, and kovar.
  • Typical metal thickness: .005"-.062""

Forming, Plating & Heat Treating
  • Custom hard formed parts available down to +/- .005" tolerances.
  • Hand formed parts available using half etched bend lines.
  • Standard (tin, copper or nickel) plating available or Noble (gold, silver or platinum) plating is also available.

Etch to Stamp Program
  • Let FotoFab manage the manufacturing process for a seamless transition from etching/prototype to stamping/production.
  • High volume stamping with metal thickness ranging from .002" to .135".
  • Progressive dies for complex and formed parts.

FotoFab has been a leading supplier in the field of metal removal since 1967. They are an engineering resource that can assist you with critical design decisions during your product development. Fotofab utilizes two-sided artwork to guarantee exact repeatability, as well as very tight tolerances. They specialize in one stop shopping, offering all related processes like forming, plating, and heat-treating, as well as a seamless transition to high volume stamping. Clean room manufacturing is also available. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their unprecedented fast lead times.

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